Wk 1 Classmate Conversation – Evelin Romo


Doing these classmate conversations is definitely something that doesn’t come naturally to me. I strongly dislike taking photos of myself, let alone with a stranger. With this being said, the first classmate conversation I had was a positive experience. I feel like being able to meet the people around me that I normally wouldn’t talk to is a really good thing. It makes me want to try and be outgoing in my other classes too. Each person has a unique story and a class like this has all types of people. Where else am I going to have a class with only a couple psychology majors?

The first person I met in class was a girl named Evelin Romo. She happened to have sat down on my left. The first thing I noticed about her was her colored hair which I thought looked really cool. She is a freshman in her second semester. She currently is undeclared but is leaning towards a math major to maybe become a teacher. We both took AP calculus in high school, but she took a college calculus class last semester and said it was much harder than what we did before. We talked about what classes we were taking and about school in general. She is taking more general requirements since she is still undeclared but also has math classes so she is steering towards that major. She seemed really nice and I had a good conversation with her regardless of what reservations I had before. Although, picture taking is still awkward as I am sure she would agree.

Her blog is: https://evelinromoart110.wordpress.com


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