Wk 2 Classmate Conversation – Cassandra Rodriguez


This week’s conversation was easier to initiate because I was less anxious about meeting new people in my classes and overall better adjusted to school. I meet a really nice, outgoing 3rd year student named Cassandra. It made sense when she said she was a theatre major because her personality seemed to fit that well. It only took a few minutes to find out that we had a lot in common. I have always enjoyed theatre and did it all throughout high school so it was nice to meet someone who is majoring in it. We both work for the 49er shops. She works at the bookstore while I work in residential dining. We both are just starting new jobs, although her new job is going to be a second job for her. On top of working at the bookstore she will be teaching theatre to children four hours a week, which she is excited about but is also worrying a little bit about how it’ll fit into her schedule since she is also taking 18 units this semester. Overall it was really great meeting her and I wish her good luck with everything this semester!

Her blog is: https://uhhhimcassie.wordpress.com/


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