Wk 3 Classmate Conversation – Katherine Hurley


This week’s conversation was different because we did it while we were down at the art galleries. This just meant that we had to make more of an effort to initiate a conversation than when we were in class. After I had walked through all the galleries and listened to the artist we were interviewing speak, there wasn’t a whole lot of time left. Katherine saw me standing there looking around and asked me if I had done the classmate conversation yet, and I’m glad she did.

Katherine is a second year film major who dorms on campus at Hillside. She recently switched her major from environmental science because film seemed more interesting to her. She said that even though some of her classes are three hours long, they never feel like a chore, so it seems like film is something she is very passionate about. I can definitely relate to that because I love my upper division psychology classes more than anything, and that work doesn’t feel boring in the least. We talked about which galleries we liked the most, mine was the La Rosa one that seemed to center around heartbreak and hers was the Scry Baby one done by Kelvin Lopez that involved lots of images of crystals and children.

We also talked about what we did outside of school and work. I talked about loving to go to the beach and fun places around the LA/OC area. She suggested I go to this beach spot called Crescent Bay, which is a little bit further down PCH than I usually go. She said the parking is easy and there are really cool tide pools there so I am definitely going to check it out! It’s close to Crystal Cove which I have gone several times before (and gotten a horrendous parking ticket for being there a few minutes after sunset), so I’m glad to know there’s a place I can go and actually stay to watch the sun set.

Also, our birthdays are a week apart, she celebrated hers on the Super Bowl and I am celebrating mine this weekend so happy 20th birthday to us!

Her blog is: https://kmhurleyblog.wordpress.com/

Update: So me and my bf went to Crescent Bay today (Saturday) and it was AMAZING. We both loved it. Thanks so much to Katherine for telling me about it. Also, we parked for free in a neighborhood so that is awesome. We will definitely be going again. Here’s some pictures I took on my phone.


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