Wk 5 Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


If you came here expecting some great work, well expect to be a little disappointed. Just as a disclaimer though: I tried, we tried, with all the energy we could muster.

I’ve been out of work and school all week with the flu, and it has been such an isolating, overall horrible experience. The person I recruited to help me with this assignment was my boyfriend who has also been out of work and school all week with the flu. Since we were both just starting to feel better we tried to do this on Saturday night.

We put on some music, sat on his living room floor, and closed our eyes waiting for the oil pastel to move “by itself.” I think the only time it even moved in about 20 minutes was when one of us coughed, mainly me. I was getting so frustrated and I am convinced now that this doesn’t work, but he kept having faith the whole time. After about the 5th or 6th song on our playlist I gave up and just pulled the pastel in harsh strokes across the paper. I was still feeling awful and violently coughing so tonight was not the night for succeeding with art projects.

Our failed art piece

It looks sad and it is sad, a great representation of how we were both feeling. I still have a fever and I am just wondering over and over again when I will feel normal again. I want to do so many things and go so many places, but this sickness is just sucking the life out of me.

I decided to do an automatic drawing on my own, and I still felt like I had to force the pastel, not like it moved “by itself.”


Maybe the lines look more like the examples that I saw other people create, but I still wasn’t feeling it so I wrote the very emotional words on top, “will I ever feel okay again?” because that pretty much sums up this week.



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