Wk 6 Art Experience – Zine

This week has been difficult because I have been suffering with pneumonia, which apparently you don’t have to be elderly to get (imagine my surprise). While in recovery I have had a lot of time to think about things. One of the things I had time to process was a friendship that I have lost with someone that I was once very close with. We were best friends and then suddenly we weren’t. It was not a loss in the sense of death or distance, but in an emotional sense-we just were not the same people anymore. It has been so long since we have last talked, but I still think about her often. While I do not regret the things I have said or done, and I know that my relationship with her was not healthy towards the end, I still miss the good times we had. The poem that I wrote into this zine is a sense of closure for myself. It helped me realize that what I miss is our past experiences, not who she is today. I am nostalgic for the better times when we were younger, but I know that those experiences can never happen again. I am not the best artist, so I tried to go for a more abstract approach with my oil pastels, so the focus is more on the colors that go along with the words.

Full Poem:

My bangs are a good measure

of the length of time since

I last talked to you

(really talked to you)


It used to be my toenail polish

that you so kindly did for me

like two little girls at a slumber party


It’s been a year and five months

since I really felt connected to you


Where are you now?


Physically, you are no further away

than you ever were


But now your name is just a glint

on everyone’s tongue,

a passing phrase,

like those bygone days


Edit: I realized I spelled tongue wrong in my zine, I’m sorry I can’t spell for anything


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