Wk 7 Classmate Conversation – Eliza Karpel


This week I got to meet Eliza, and I’m really glad I did because she was very easy to talk to. It was interesting because she lives at Beachside, and I work there in the dining hall so I am sure we have seen each other before we just never recognized each other. I actually ended up seeing her that night while I was working. She is a first year student who is currently majoring in history, though she eventually wants to change it. So currently she is taking a lot of general classes because she wasn’t sure of her major. Eliza is from Vermont, although she has lived all over. She says that she misses the east coast, but she does love living in California. I related to her because I moved my junior year of high school to Tennessee and it was a different world. She also moved during her last years of high school to Sacramento. We both agreed that even though moving around is very difficult that we wouldn’t trade the experiences we’ve had for anything because they truly made our lives better. She has more experience with moving around then I do, but I am definitely able to understand it more than most of my peers who have lived in southern California their whole lives. We talked about a lot of our experiences at school and work. She really wanted to go to school in southern California so she applied to a lot of schools down here and she is happy that she ended up at CSULB. She works in Huntington Beach which seems pretty nice and it’s cool that she gets to have a car while dorming. We also talked about the dreaded 8 ams that we both have and that unfortunately they are a necessity when classes fill up. Since I live really close to Beachside it is funny because we both have to leave at the same time to catch the bus/shuttle in the morning (a horrible time of 7:15 am). Overall, she seems super nice and I am really happy that I got to meet her.

Her blog is: eliza898.wordpress.com


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