Wk 7 Artist Conversation – Tidawhitney Lek and Juliana Bustillo

Exhibition Information

Artist: Tidawhitney Lek and Juliana Bustillo
Exhibition: Doodles in Space
Media: Tissue paper
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery
Instagram: @tidawhitney @juliaanaaaab

About the Artist

It is Tidawhitney Lek and Juliana Bustillo’s last semesters here at CSULB. They are both pursuing their BFA in Drawing and Painting. They both hope to attend graduate school on the east coast after graduation. Lek grew up in Long Beach, CA and attending Woodrow Wilson High School where an art teacher she had gave her the inspiration to pursue a life in the arts. Bustillo was born in Texas but moved to southern California as a child. The inspiration for working together was that they felt they had a similar style. They both love to doodle, Bastillo has even turned some of her previous doodles into larger art pieces. It is their love for doodling that gave them the idea to make a large, three-dimensional one.

Formal Analysis

The whole exhibition is one continuous piece. Upon entering one notices tissue paper on every piece of the wall and floor. The floor is mainly appears to be construction paper to allow foot traffic. There is a lack of color, all the paper used is black, white, and gray. One particular piece of paper that was utilized the most was toilet seat covers. They are arranged in patterns and sometimes sporadically throughout the room. There are bunched up pieces of paper and a trash can towards the middle of the room. The piece is interactive in a way because it allows the viewer to walk through it and underneath it.

Content Analysis

Lek and Bastillo said that this exhibition took them several days and that it almost was not completed on time. Their artist statement mentioned that their art reflects on mediation and time, which is something doodles can do. Lek is not really confident with their statement because she feels it is more serious than the exhibition is meant to be. The use of toilet seat covers is a joke between them. It is an interesting media, and the viewer may not immediately notice upon first glance what they actually are. When most people do realize what they are, they laugh or smile which is exactly what the artists want. Although the colors are very dark this installation is meant to be very lighthearted. Bastillo said that they both wanted to incorporate colors in their doodle space, but once they started they realized that it would be better if they didn’t.

Synthesis / My Experience

This exhibition was really refreshing because it was so different from anything that has been in the CSULB galleries so far. It allowed you to literally step into a different world. While at first glance I didn’t really get that it was supposed to be doodles, I still was able to momentarily go into a different space. The space reminded me of the inside of your brain were you to look at someone’s thought processes. It was messy, but still had patterns, and there were parts that were being thrown away or bunched up. It makes sense that it was doodles they were talking about. Doodles are a sort of mindless activity but they do reflect our thought processes. There were so many layers to the doodle space that it really gave the impression that you were no longer in a gallery. I think that the color scheme they chose really represents doodles because they aren’t usually in color. The whole exhibition could have originally been a full-page in someones notebook.


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