Wk 8 Art Experience – Finger Painting

This week’s activity has been one of my favorites so far. The assignment was so simple, but yet so fun. We really were allowed to go back in time to when we were kids and finger painting was the only thing on our minds. I loved doing this because it allowed me to relax in a way that the other assignments did not. Normally I feel pressed for time when I do assignments but this one was easy to complete.

The only set up required for this art project was setting down some newspaper and taking the caps off the paint bottles. The paint really brought me back to childhood with its strong, familiar smell. I had my boyfriend do this project with me, because why not? This one was fun to do with him because he is like me and doesn’t consider himself that good at actually creating art in the traditional sense (photography is his medium). He had an idea in mind when he started, I did not.

I was just liking the way that the strokes of color appeared on the paper and at first looked like flames from the way I moved my fingers. I grabbed a green color to offset the reddish-orange I had been using. The whole time I didn’t really have an idea in mind. At the end I decided to put black dots on the paper, and then Jordan said “That looks exactly like a watermelon,” and well, that’s what I am going to go with. It’s an abstract watermelon.

He decided to paint a nice countryside landscape. I believe he said it was New Zealand because we picked up the neon paints so the grass was a very bright green. He was a lot more heavy-handed with the paint than I was. He didn’t end up liking his because he felt like it looked like what a child would make, but I think that’s great and maybe the point of this whole project. Its so rare that we actually get to create art like this or take the time out of our schedules to create something, so this was really special.




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