Wk 8 Classmate Conversation – Colin Rogers


This week was different because it was the first time in awhile that we didn’t go down to the galleries and instead spent all our time in class. It felt more like a regular lecture day structure which isn’t really my favorite but for this class was okay. I got to meet Colin who by chance sat down next to me shortly before class began. He is a third-year student majoring in electrical engineering. We had an interesting conversation about the gender differences in our fields, his being dominated by men and mine by women. We wondered why that was and really it is stereotypical for women to be in liberal arts fields rather than STEM fields. I’m not quite sure why that is or what that says about gender differences. Colin is from Los Alamitos, which is a really short drive from here. He went to all Los Al schools just like my boyfriend’s little sister so I also mentioned that to him. It is interesting because even though we only grew up about 10 minutes apart, he had a much different experience with public education than I did. He didn’t really like high school that much but I’m guessing that college has been going much better for him based on the way he talked about his experience here. He talked about how this is his last semester of math and how thankful he is for that, which I can definitely imagine. I definitely equate engineering with math so it was interesting to meet someone who wants to be in the field but still struggles with it. Overall, Colin was very friendly and it was nice meeting him!

His blog is: colinrogerssite.wordpress.com


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