Wk 10 Art Experience – Architecture: The Wedge

This week we were supposed to redesign “the wedge.” This foot traffic problem is something I notice before I even started school here. At freshman orientation they even mentioned how funny it is to see people squeeze through the small gap cause by this architecture quirk. For my redesign, I would close the gap completely, making it so students would have to walk around. Yes, it may be sad that you can’t take that extra few second “shortcut” but if it was made that way in the first place, no one would really miss it. It causes foot traffic to get backed up through there because everyone naturally takes that way but it is inconvenient because only one person can fit through at a time. By closing the gap, the architecture still matches the other side and still flows overall. I would also probably take out the bench by the gap because it is an odd place to have one, and it sticks out preventing more foot traffic from going through. Although I do feel like “the wedge” is something that people have nostalgia for, so it is not necessarily a bad thing.


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