Wk 11 Classmate Conversation – Sara Riverbank and Bailey McCann


This week we changed it up and were supposed to form a group of three instead of the usual two. I saw that Sara and Bailey were looking for a third person so I introduced myself. They have already known each other for almost two years and decided to take this class together so it was interesting getting to talk to both of them. They met in the dorms but now they both live in off-campus apartments like myself. We talked about our commutes to school and the usual “what’s your major?” type questions. Sara is a second-year organismal biology major and Bailey is a second-year marine biology major. Bailey is from Orange County and Sara says she is from a place no ones heard of (including me) close to Bakersfield.

Sara’s blog is read4life2017.wordpress.com

Bailey’s blog is itsbaynotbae.wordpress.com


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