Wk 12 Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini


Exhibition Information

Artist: Alice Andreini
Exhibition: No-Mans Land
Media: Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-East Gallery
Website: andreiniart.com

About the Artist

Alice Andreini is studying to get her MFA in Drawing and Painting at CSULB. She has loved art her whole life and her main medium has always been painting. She has also worked creating sets for theatres, but decided to stick with just straight painting as a medium. Andreini does not want to expect that her viewers will get anything from her art, she wants the experience to be as open as possible because everyone has a different view. After graduating from CSULB, she hopes to continue to create paintings and possibly become a professor to inspire more people. This exhibition was her first try at oil painting only, and she is very happy with the results.

Formal Analysis

Her paintings are all multi-colored and cover huge canvases. They contain mostly geometric shapes and heavy brush stokes. It is like every one contains hundreds of parts that make up the whole image. There are layers on layers of the oil based paint. The canvases contain so much detail, the eye is drawn to several places at once. Each painting looks like a traditional landscape you might see, but all the colors are inverted and it uses the geometric shapes to convey the picture. Her work depicts a different part of images we see everyday, such as a golf course. There is a lot of surrealism in her work.

Content Analysis

Andreini loves taking everyday objects and making them interesting through composition and color. She likes the idea of creating harmony in her work. An idea she was working with through this exhibition is American culture’s obsession with a utopia or paradise and that it somehow lies in the landscape. In her artist statement she says, “How the landscape is framed reveals the ideologies of the culture.” She was interested in how nature was portrayed as a “pure” form throughout culture. She uses images of nature landscapes to redefine our perceptions of the world around us. We see golf course, but her work is something so much more a picture of a golf course. She uses the root image and changes our perceptions of what a golf course could look like.

Synthesis / My Experience

Her works are absolutely stunning. They instantly catch your eye and you fell like you have to look at them for a very long time to fully enjoy the work. They have a lot of detail and layering that you might mis from a quick glance. When I was in the exhibition another girl stated, “These are landscapes the Martians must see everyday,” and honestly I love that statement. Her images look like something futuristic, like they could be in space or maybe some other civilization. They look like what we see but better, if you turned a normal landscape on its head, as she said. She said she loves the work of Jackson Pollock, and I can see the resemblance to her own work. It is something that is best when you look closely and really analyze. From far away it could look like a beautiful mess, but up close it looks like every part was layered perfectly. Her work looks like anti-nature, even if it is meant to represent nature. The geometric shapes make it appear very man-made, which is what a golf course is. The colors make everything look metallic like a machine. In a way, a golf course is not natural, and making the images appear even more so exaggerates this.


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