Wk 13 Artist Conversation – Laura López

Exhibition Information

Artist: Laura López
Exhibition: Selvática (wild)
Media: Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby-Gallery

About the Artist

Laura López was born in Columbia and came to the United States three years ago to go to art school. She is pursuing her MFA in Drawing and Painting, and after she is done she plans on returning to Columbia. She was inspired by where she grew up, and the tropical climate of Columbia is what gave her some inspiration for this exhibition. Her main media is paint but she also loves to dance and expresses herself through that. She is very interested in color interaction, thus a lot of her paintings exhibit were vivid colors. Laura loves nature and the way nature is all interconnected, and it shows through her paintings.

Formal Analysis

Laura’s work is striking because it is very colorful. It draws the viewer in with the immense detail in every piece. They all have images of some sort of plant, like trees, grass, images of leaves, and flowers. All types of plants you would find in the jungle, as each image is meant to represent a scene from the jungle. In some of the frames animals can be seen. The canvases are very large, thus adding to the eye-catching factor. All the pieces were very deliberate in terms of spacing and line usage.

Content Analysis

The whole exhibition is based around Laura’s memories of home. She believes these jungle scenes are what will always be her home. She believes that the jungle represents both her physical home and who she is, someone who is constantly growing just like nature. She wanted to convey the time-lapse of nature over growing, and plants growing out. The progression of time and how it is felt in nature is something that was an inspiration for her. The pieces represent a more structural part of nature, as she was very deliberate with how the scene was set up.

Synthesis / My Experience

These images were some of the most eye-catching ones I have seen presented in the galleries here. The vivid color was something I wouldn’t normally associate with the jungle but I can see why she would want to represent it that way. I could feel that to her these images of nature where her home, and the way she depicted them seemed emotionally charged. I liked the idea of capturing nature developing over time, it makes me feel like even though humans mess up a lot in terms of harming the environment, that nature will always take its course and keep on growing long after we are gone. We don’t often get to visualize what a jungle looks like in southern California, so this was a great experience.


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