Wk 13 Classmate Conversation – Maya Cox


This week I got to talk to Maya Cox in between the galleries. She was very friendly and I’m glad we got to meet. She is nearing the end of her time at CSULB as she is almost done with her degree in nutrition. She said it’s a pretty small field, so it is very guided towards certain jobs, many of which involve hospitals, which she is not sure she want to do just yet. It’s been hard for her to get internships, so she is considering taking a year off of work for traveling. Her schedule is very busy as she has two jobs, one of which she mentioned was as a bartender in Huntington Beach. We talked about our love for the beach, which is pretty much what I do with all the free time I get. She says she has very little free time now, so I think the idea of traveling would be amazing for her in the future.

Her blog is: mayalcoxblog.wordpress.com


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