Wk 14 Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden


I think this weeks activity was one of the best uses of class time we’ve had yet. It was so relaxing to go draw out in the Japanese garden, and I actually haven’t been there since I was in elementary school even though its only a short walk away from my classes. I was happy to be reintroduced to it and that it hadn’t changed since the last time I saw it.

My sketching wasn’t the best, but to be honest I’ve never really sat down and sketched like this before so it was okay with what little experience I have. It was hard not to get frustrated at my own inabilities. I think I liked the short 30 sec sketches the best because they didn’t stress me out and I knew they didn’t have to be perfect. I would say that drawing little sketches is fun because you get a feeling for the area and it can still be a little abstract. My lily pads look more like little pac men so that could’ve been better. My favorite thing to sketch was the trees, because I love drawing leaves. Leaves are the one thing you can draw where you don’t have to be good at sketching and it still looks okay.



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