Wk 15 Art Experience – Life Design

Possible Me #1 or “The thing you currently think you’ll be doing with your life”

Currently my five-year plan is this: Work as much as possible during my time as a student in a basic job unrelated to my field. Right now I am a server so something similar would fit. Try to get an internship at a non-profit or related place for social work in my junior or senior year. Graduate from CSULB in Spring 2019 with a BA in Psychology (and possible a minor in something else?). Try to get a starting job related to my field, social work. Apply to grad school/go to grad school and get a Masters of Social Work and become a licensed clinical social worker (probably will take more than 5 years in the future because the length of time it takes to get a masters and be mentored to become a lcsw).

On a scale from 1-10 :

Confidence (do I think I can do it?) – 8, I think I can! I am confident.

Resources (do I have what I need to do it?) – 7, As long as I keep on getting financial aid, and am supported by my family/friends, yes

Impact (what will my impact be?) – 7, Not quite sure yet

Satisfaction (will I be happy doing it?) – 9, I really think I will be

Possible Me #2 or “The thing you would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow”

My five-year plan for this would be: Still graduate from college but in this case with a degree in English or Journalism. Become a writer for different magazines, newspapers, websites and publications. Basically, freelance and see if I can make a career out of it.

On a scale from 1-10 :

Confidence – 6

Resources – 7

Impact – 7

Satisfaction – 8

Possible Me #3 or “The thing you would do if you were financially secure, and no one would ever laugh…”

My five-year plan for this would be: Join the Peace Corps and be involved for at least 2 years. When I return, start my own 501(c)(3) organization based on helping homeless women in Los Angeles county. If money was not an object, I would be perfectly content running my own organization and being involved in my community. This is an issue I am very passionate about, if I can help people and make a difference in others lives, I think that is when I’ll be the happiest.

On a scale from 1-10 :

Confidence – 5

Resources – 5

Impact – 9

Satisfaction – 10

Rapid Prototyping

I am lucky to have a lot of people in my life that work in the field that I want to go into (version 1 of myself). My boyfriend’s parents are both licensed clinical social workers. They both got their masters in social work from USC. One works as a supervisor and mentor for other social workers at The Children’s Institute and the other is a counselor at Kaiser. His mom that works as a supervisor also gets to work hands on with children, and she has also had many jobs before this one that interest me a lot. However, a theme I see with her work is that there is a lot of paperwork, and if you work for the government there can be a lot of monitoring or a lot of hoops to jump through. I don’t really think I would like to be a counselor, just because it seems monotonous, but I do value his other mom’s experience on different mental health subjects. I am lucky that I get to ask both of them questions involving their career and what grad school was like for them. I can get a better understanding of what is and will be expected of me as I go forward in the field.

Another resource I have is one of my older brothers who also got his BA in psychology. He currently has his own practice working with children with Autism and providing ABA therapy for them. He also has his masters along with being a licensed behavioral therapist. I have asked him tons of questions about his experiences in school because he also went to CSULB and has been very successful in his field. I know that for me to be successful I definitely need grad school and to be licensed in some specific field. You make better money when you are specialized. For my brother to become a licensed behavioral therapist he had to take a crazy challenging test, which is honestly kind of intimidating for me. I’m not sure if I would follow in his steps but if he taught me anything it is that with a psychology degree you can follow whatever specialization you want (there are endless) and you can be as specific as you want to be.



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