EC – Class Evaluation

3 Favorite Activities

1. Landscapes with a Corpse – This was my absolute favorite all semester. I loved thinking of the idea and the whole experience I had of going to the beach and taking the pictures really made me feel like I was being artsy. It was the assignment with the most room for creativity while still not being vague. I liked how my work turned out and I was featured on the post of the week which made me feel super special.


2. Graffiti Writing – This was also great because I got to be at the beach again, which is obviously my favorite activity. Also I got to do a little collab with Maria, and that made the project ten times better because honestly I was a little lost on my own. I liked the way everything turned out, and although I know my work was not the best nor was it that creative, it was really fun to do. The experience makes you feel like a real artist, which definitely separates itself from some of the other activities.


3. Zine + Flip Book – This one also made the top three because it has been something I have always wanted to do. I love reading other people’s zines so why not create my own? I even did a whole speech on zines in my comm class last semester so it was about time for me to create one myself. Even though I don’t think mine was all that great, it let me feel more creative and I can see this activity being fun no matter who you are. It inspired me to want to create more in the future (even if just for myself).


3 Least Favorite Activities

1. Ethnography – Honestly, when I heard we were doing this activity I immediately was annoyed because it seemed very impractical especially given how busy I am and that I work on weekends. I still did it, but it wasn’t the best experience. With that being said, I understand the merit in it and it was in time for Earth Day which is always a good time to consider your environmental impact.

2. Architecture: The Wedge – This one I think I just didn’t understand. It seemed like it didn’t really fit anything else we had done previously (or did afterwards) and it didn’t really seem like art, at least in the traditional sense. Also, I felt awkward taking a picture of a high foot traffic area (but of course that might just be me). I just felt like we could have done something more fun that week.

3. Plaster Casting – Sadly, I didn’t even do this activity. Maybe I don’t have the merit to speak about it in that case, but the reason why I did not do it is because it was the first week of classes. I felt like an activity that requires buying materials and going to the beach is not one that should be during the first week of classes. I know I personally did not have time to do it that week, and this activity was also more labour intensive (and costly) than the other activities. Since the first week is always like a flex week, maybe an activity that is easier to do like finger painting or automatic drawing would be nice.

WordPress + Slack

I had no problem transitioning to slack and wordpress, and I think they work fine together. While we maybe could’ve just been fine with beachboard and wordpress, I think slack gives a more personal touch on our art talks. I think it is easy enough to use. I really liked making my own wordpress and I think I might keep updating this one even when the class is over. The tips that were given to us about having our own blogs were extremely helpful, and I am glad I have this experience. I think this combonation of websites would be fine to use again.

Other Comments

I really liked how there were weekly posts in the beginning of the class that featured work from the previous week. I was sad when those posts stopped midway through the sememster because I was always excited to look through my classmates work and see how everyone did on the art activity / how their id cards looked. Also, it made me feel amazing to have my work featured and it was such a confidence boost. I understand it might be tedious to compile everyones work together like that, but I think it makes students works harder because of the possibility of being featured (and also making their work better when seeing how they compare to others).


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